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Exhibiting Artists

At this point I’d like to present the Artists of I in 3D.

David Cassar
Name in SL (2008/9): Attard Magic

Course: B.Ed (Hons) Art& Religious Studies

Hobbies: My hobbies incluede socializing, music, art and soccer.

David Cassar about his artwork:
“The artworks that I have produced consist mainly of manipulated photos. Some of my works are intended to evoke a sense of hallucination. Using layers of photos, I tried to give a 3-dimensional aspect to some of the art works. In fact, one of the works has an almost holographic effect.  Some of them create a transparent effect.  Repetitive use of a photo in one of the designs served to create a pattern from a single photo. The photo in question thereby loses its identity as a single entity. The use of written text on some of the art works was intended to create an imprint effect similar to that resulting from forceful writing on layered paper

Sarah Meli
Name in SL (2008/9): Birkirkara Magic ‘Birki’

Sarah is studying Art and English in Education at the University of Malta.

“I have been studying visual art in school since I was fourteen, but it’s during my university years that I have really grown more passionate about art, partly because before, I used to look at art as just a scholastic subject which I had happened to enjoy studying more than the other subjects. However, during my university years, so far, art has become more than just a subject I opted to study. I think I have come to really realisethis when working on this particular project. This is because, I sketched and worked on images which show more of what I feel, and want to express rather than the themes I favourmost. By trying to allow myself to create images which are more personal, the result seems to contain more meaning than my previous art work, and somewhat hide certain thoughts which might be clear to the viewer if an image is ‘read’ rather than just looked at. Thus this project has been one of the most challenging, yet exciting project to work on.”

Ramona Debono
Name in SL (2008/9): Fontana Magic

“I am currently in my third year studying Art education along with Italian in the University of Malta. I am always on the lookout for new inspirational things rather than sticking to the usual ideas. Apart from my passion towards visual Art I also like the Art embedded within music. I also like to play the piano whilst searching for unheard sounds and noises. I try not to go with the flow but like to fight against the winds of the normalities and set my own standards and views. Don’t let others do all the work … help yourself out. If you are reluctant to dirty your hand and getting a piece of the true action you’ll end up not seeing what the world really has to offer you. That is why I am enjoying this project, Second Life is a new concept for us. It is like living a normal life beyond what is truly tangible. Creating something digital and virtual is also a new technique for me which I am still exploring and willing to see and experience more of it!”

Deandra Agius
Name in SL (2008/9): Mdina Magic

Deandra is studying Maltese and Art Education at the University of Malta. Her main interests are Art and Photography.

“The passion towards the creation of Art is something that has been present since the first phases of my life. The visual was always something that overwhelmed me. I have always believed that Art is all about having the freedom to express your personality and creativity. Art is what has always allowed me to express something that potentially, others have not expressed before. Digital Art is the latest invention through which artists are now expressing concepts and emotions. This project gave me the opportunity to create Art in a diverse way, having technology as the main medium at hand which composes ideas through small elements or units known as ‘pixels’.”

Kristina Ciantar
Name in SL (2008/9): Mosta Magic

“I am currently reading for the B.Ed (Hons) course specializing in Art and Italian in the University of Malta. I am interested in all kinds of art be it written, paintings, photography, installations and video. I am always trying different techniques and coming out with different concepts in my artwork and with this opportunity in working through Second Life I even found joy working in digital art. I really enjoyed it. It was a whole new experience. It is a world within a world where you can easily exhibit one’s own work. It is a whole new concept of an art gallery that is why I really enjoyed doing this project.”

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    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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